Blast Pro Series Sales director speaks out about Fnatic and Mousesports

Product Director Nicolas Estrup, BLAST Premier Series, has shared some of the reasoning behind the decision of the promoter to exclude Fnatic and mouse sports from its premiere series.

The absence of Fnatic and mousesports surprised many people, including second place and first place in the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, despite the CS:GO teams ‘ recent performances.

Estrup described the team selection process as particularly difficult in his talk with HLTV on Thursday.

“The hardest part about ultimately having to pick and choose was: which criteria do you do that based on?” said Estrup.

“Whoever has been in Counter-Strike for over a few minutes understands that it can be no longer possible for us to depend solely on the classifications to decide who will be part of the team while we think long term.” “One important aspect is that we couldn’t depend solely on the line-up that a team is currently.