Rumors suggest Nintendo Switch 10.0 could arrive Jan. 6

And the hyper-popular console could be enhancing the pretty bland user interface that doesn’t allow much or no choice, with only two different topics to choose from.

The Switch’s firmware will be revised from 10:30 to 23:30 CT on January 6 and will be inaccessible to all network services. This means that you can not use the Nintendo eShop or play a game that requires an online connexion.

It’s not clear that this will be the 10.0 update everybody wants, but given that Nintendo has yet to announce any important news for its 2020 Release Plan and other plans, it could lead to an important time-frame.

Due to the lack of data on the company’s 2020 plans and the widely anticipated presence of Nintendo Direct in January, this update could coincide with the presentation. This could also provide a perfect opportunity for Nintendo to make some major changes to the console.

Many users with a Switch also talk about three things: the lack of home screen customisation options, how humiliated the eShop is and the lack of topics.

In reality, if this is an upgrade for revising the Interface, fans will easily sort games into folders such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, making the home screen much easier to handle.

Themes could also be introduced that allow players to buy or win designs to customise home screen based on their favourite games. This was a great feature in the Nintendo 3DS, allowing the standard black and white theme to be replaced with different backgrounds and music based on classical games.

And Nintendo also gives players with PCs that do not want to use on older Wii U or 3DS games something else. Changes to the eShop are less likely than the most straightforward UI redesign, but could still occur as the console has been a major problem since it was launched.

These changes are all speculation based on the degree to which the improvement in numbers is usually made, but the September 9.0 update laid a lot of groundwork for future big changes. Simply make sure you complete every online game that you play on January 6 until 10.30 PM CT so you won’t get booted from the server.