Rumors suggest Cloud 9’s new CSGO roster

Oscar ‘Mixwell‘ Cañellas former Cloud9 CSGO star may have inadvertently confirmed the new Counter-Strike team for the North American.

Counter-Strike at Cloud9: After their major win in 2018, the team failed to do much in 2019. Regional offensive teams have seen a great deal of uncertainty.

Mixwell without a team left the heart of their new lists to Gen. G at the beginning of December. There were many theories about the future of the company in CSGO, but one of them could have been confirmed by the Spaniard accidentally.

After the 2018 Boston Major win, Cloud9 did not have a great deal of success with CSGO.

On December 31st, the ex-C9 star addressed his year in a long Twitter article in which he gave details of his tenure with Cloud9. More specifically, the team told him that he was proposing to build a team from scratch for his potential future.

“I received Cloud9 news that the trio had been selling to Gen. G. They wanted me to stay and build something from scratch, but nowadays it is difficult to form a team with good players in North America, “Mixwell said before he made an interesting note about the team’s future.

“The squad of ATK was a good option for them so I finally didn’t have a team,” he said, indicating the potential existence of Cloud9-an ATK roster takeover.

The next Cloud 9 roster for 2020 might have leaked.

ATK is a rather new upcoming team which recently impressed with a map of Team Liquid at ECS Season 8 and a defeat of North and G2 during the season 10 finals of the ESL Pro League.

Most fans think that Cloud9 is beautifully signed as it is a full line-up and it proves they can compete with the best. If they are sponsored by one of North American’s main organisations, they will prove to be a strong CSGO roster.

Yet Cloud9 will certainly announce something soon, as the latest competitive season of the Counter-Strike begins.