Partnership between GODSENT and Bjorn Borg, in apparel deal

Godsent is in the business of the Swedish outdoor fashion brand Björn Borg for three years, an elegant footwear funding relationship. In all of its official match wear and merchandise garment, GODSENT will integrate Björn Borg Apparel. The value of fitness preparation alongside gaming will be highlighted by a new collection of joint clothes in the fall of 2020.

In autumn 2019, the partnership began.

Godsent is known to be one of the world’s leading athletic organisations in the Nordic region and strives to emphasise the physical and psychological facets of play to improve game and life success.

“Since I began my career as a sports promoter, I have worked to bring training regiments into the lives of professional players, as I always have the obvious advantages of fitness to consider in trying to be the best. I am very proud to be able to introduce Björn into our community to work together to improve performance

“For our friendship with Godsent I look forward very much. They also agree that physical exercise provides far more value than simply feeling healthy. To Godsent, it adds value by becoming the world’s best player in football, “said Björn Borg CEO Henrik Bunge.