NFL Alumni partners with dedicated esports channel, ESTV

ESTV, an exclusive broadcast media partner for the NFL Alumni, was announced.

This will provide the newly established partners with co-marketing incentives and will be hosted by the Super Bowl for an esports function.

Eric Yoon, founder and chief executive officer of ESTV discussed this partnership in a release: “We are very excited to announce that we have an ESTV brand and a sports brand partnership with one of the largest sports companies.

Our NFLA mission is to contribute to the explosive growth of sports by putting together sports fans and gaming enthusiasts from both walks of life. “ESTV supports itself through NFL Alumni’s emails, social media profiles, newsletters and Website. Started in May the “whole clock coverage” channel is available from Amazon, Samsung, and Roku to sport athletes and play franchisees.

“NFLA is proud to start a sports campaign and to partner together with ESTV to support our goal of child care and’ caring for our own.’ Beasley Reece, CEO of NFL Alumni, spoke as well. Most current and former players are supporters and others have participated in the world of athletics.

Through merging energies, we will build exciting events and new ways of raising money and compassion for causes, while giving children the opportunities and support they need. Alumni is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1967 and operates as a former athletes group. “They will work together to build common and athletic heritage.” It now lists among its members thousands of disabled people from traditional sports.

Esports Insider notes that it is difficult to see the natural connection between these two bodies, and it is quite a strange thing that ESTV is promoting through the NFLA from our point of view, but we are confident some of that has been thought about. It would seem, though, that the motives are so good!