Remilia, first woman esports player dies aged 24

According to a Saturday post by Richard Lewis, a close friend and colleague, who has been a former professional League of Legends, Maria “Remilia” Creveling died on Friday.

She was twenty-four at the time.

Lewis, who lived with Remilia in Las Vegas, said in a tweet, “I’m sorry I remind you my best friend Mary Creveling died in comfort last night in her sleep.

“Her absence would create a hole that can never be filled. “They will leave a vacuum which will never be filled. Although she had followers from around the world she never needed the sun. Remilia, a transgender woman, actually played in that league just a month before the end of 2015 with Renegades.

My sole concern was that those wanting to pay attention should make sure that it was handled in a way that would honour their desires. “Remilia made history late in 2015 after being the first woman to participate and then perform in the League of Legends Championship Series with Renegades.