Highest paid Dota 2 Players are from Team OG

For many gamers, teams and competing sets, this year was one of the best years in sports, but according to Esports Earnings, one team stood out above the other in terms of financial results.

The Dota 2 team of OG won their 2nd International in a row and made history by being the first group to gain retro titles in the sport. The squad claimed the largest part of the record $34 million prize pool, with about $15.6 million going away.

Combining their earnings from TI9 with each other in the 2019 season, all of OG’s five players will rank on top of the most earned players of the year. There is no major difference between the five, but the ranking was formed by a few missed tournaments and scenarios to have a 3-way tie to the top spot.

All these figures derive from the list of historical competitive sports athlete earnings from Esport Earnings.


Total Earnings (2019)

Total Earnings (Career)

Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka



Sébastien “Ceb” Debs



Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen



Johan “N0tail” Sundstein



Anathan “ana” Pham



In each tournament in which OG played this season, whether on the Dota Pro Circuit or not, JerAx, Ceb, and Topson led them to have the same number after their TI9 victory.

The team’s coach, Titouan “Sockshka” Merloz, was replaced by N0tail as Head of EPICENTER due to health problems. Following the change, OG was in the top eight and won the corporation a bonus of $40,000. With his almost $6.9 million career earnings, N0tail also holds the title as the best paying sports competition in history.

Also, Ana missed several events because, after his TI8 win, it took a long time off from the team and competitive Dota.

Only in a single tournament has OG played in September after their TI9 triumph, the highly entertaining, but less meta-driven, Midas Mode 2.0. With just $5,000, the team has quit the event and starts its break in 2020 and the second DPC major of the season.

In essence, OG has only won the top five places with TI9, which increases its performance and total earnings. Where the squad gets back to competitive play is still uncertain, but the success of each player in the past year is already more than worth it.