Fnatic said to be most popular League of Legends Team then G2 Esports

More than ever, the League of Legends gaming has been rising. The two main western leagues are growing with the LEC Summer finals of 2019 peaking at 841,000 between G2 Esports and FNATIC at the Grand Finals, and the LCS finals between Cloud 9 and Team Liquid peaked at 494,000.

On the basis of a comparison of findings between the two legs, Esports Charts performed an overview of the teams among fans which are the most common, based upon the average audience for team games. We supplement the research with the social media performance of every team using the Inven Global Data Laboratory.

League of Legends

With more than 262,000 average viewers per season, Fnatic is the LEC’s most popular team. The victory is the product of a difficult fight with G2 Esports, with less than 8,000 viewers falling behind, attracting total 256,000 viewers. The biggest difference is that Fnatic reached the 16 million mark during the total time observed and G2, 13 million. G2 closed. Origen is sixth, with average viewers of 212,000 and cumulative watching time of 10 million hours.

Using the Inven Global DataLaboratory for ESports, we can track each team’s social progress. Fnatic sits at first spot, with a record of 1,3 million followers on Twitter, 2.5 million on Facebook, 1 million on Instagram and 579,000 YouTube subscribers, reaching 5.6 million on channels, while Origen has 741 K Twitter followers, 145,000 on Facebook, 70 K Instagram followers and 7 K on Youtube, with only 1 million followers on the cross channel. G2 Esports is bringing together 658,000 fans on Twitter, 297,000 followers on Facebook, 710 K followers on Instagram and 335,000 subscribers on YouTube, reaching the two millionth mark.

Team Liquid has a leading Popularity in the LCS all-stars, with a total of 244,000 average viewers and 13,284,000 hours. Team SoloMid ranks second, with 4,000 fewer viewers than Liquid on average, at 240,000 viewers on average, but TSM performed best in hours viewed at 12,500,000,000 hours. Cloud9 finishes with a total of 213,000 subscribers and 11 million hours.

Team Liquid’s gold medalists arrived first but then, with 208 K fan on Facebook and their devoted LoL Account, the team numbered 798 K fan, followed by 800 K viewers on Instagram and 327 K Twitch, a total of 2.3 million fans. TSM is currently hitting Twitter’s 2 million marks, Facebook’s 531, Instagram’ s 2.8 million and Youtube’s 2.21 million, with a total of 7.5 million cross-platform followers. Notable for active fans in Cloud9, 886 K followers on Twitter, 618,000 followers of Facebook, 575,000 followers of Instagram and 421,000 subscribers of YouTube has a total of 2.5 million viewers.

The LEC is overwhelming, with seven out of ten teams on the top team table, in overview of the two regions. Team Liquid, TSM and Cloud9 take 3rd, 4th and 5th positions respectively. Data analysis shows that Fnatic, despite the team’s poor performance in 2019, is the most popular team in the Western League of Legends esports. We now have to ask whether they will make that jump in 2020 with many heads turning to G2 sports since the World Championships.