Sange stacking removed in Dota 2 update

A recent update on Dota 2 has remedied a bug with upgrades. It was primarily to counter the effect of the new Sange stacking.

The new Outlanders update removed the old maim feature of Sange, which has reduced the impact of enemies and replaced it with a regeneration effect. The amp was additively stacked and the percentages were unintentionally absurd.

Huskar players, whose inherent Berserker’s Blood is a passive regeneration power, have especially noted the Sange health regeneration improvement, which is largely based on how poorly its health is. This lead to the development of a several Halberd heaven building rendering Huskar nearly unperturbed by physical damage and recovery so strong that most nuclear weapons were unable to travel through it.

In everlasting bars, Huskar had a benefit margin of 60%, resulting in an excessively high win-rate.

The update also addresses the Holy Locket amplifying part, which constructs from a magic wall. It also brought back the previous potential of Visage to assist in Stone Structure,