GTA Online gives all players Firework launchers for New Years Eve

People planning to ring on Los Santos streets during the New Year will be free, just like everyone else, to rejoice with fireworks.

For one year, as people complain about everything the world of video games had to deliver, it is good to see that some players are a celebration of the season. Niantic offered Buddy Adventure to Pokémon GO players before expected and Fortnite fans were showered with presents throughout the festive season.

Rockstar has reached the gift season as well. This holiday season, GTA Online gamers have had a variety of merchandise and benefits. The best news is still to come. The best news. The holiday season of GTA 5 Online will continue into the new year, and that is the reason for its players.

Beginning 26 December 2019, the Dewbauchee JB 700W is available to players going for Warstock Cache & Carry and protected this time. This addition alone will make a little bit more exciting the streets of Los Santos as 2019 becomes 2020. Armed tanks will not be the only item in the New Year’s game thanks to one of Rockstar’s free contributions.

Via GTA Wiki, everybody playing GTA Online at New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will feel like they paid a visit to Times Square in the Purge region. This is because each of them will wear the lights on both days free of charge and will use their promotional firework starters. For New Year’s Eve and a Neon Concert for New Year’s Day the Yellow Renin costume is able to be picked.

With respect to the Firework Launcher, a minimum of twenty rockets plus snacks and guns are given to all players logging on New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day. All in all, this new year’s Los Santos will be a little wild. Okay, if possible, crazier than normal. How better than to dress up in lights and shoot firework with your rivals to celebrate six more years of the dominance of GTA?