Why weren’t Fnatic and Mousesports invited to BLAST Premier series

BLAST organizer expressed their thoughts on CSGO events and pointed out that the tournament Premier Spring Series 2020 loses some of the best teams.

The main sponsor of Fnatic, one of the high-rated esports betting sites, Rivalry, via Twitter it has been revealed that on Friday 20 December some prizes will be announced.

BLAST is CSGO’s newest event organizer, which organized most of its competitions in 2019 with the goal of bringing fresh tournaments with the best teams.

Their game styles, primarily best-of-one matches. However, they were attacked by the audience. This made it unimportant and less exciting for many fans and players to find the BLAST Pro Series games

The organizers announced a whole new format called ‘BLAST Premier event‘ to try to shake things up. It’s like a league of twelve teams competing for two seasons, and the majority of them qualified at the end of the year for a world finale.

The first season, Spring, starts in London with a LAN 12-team contest in which the six top teams are progressing to the end of the season. The showdown level will only be contested by two teams and in the grand finals of the eight seasons.

For 12 teams participating, some fan favourites were absent, but few could expect Fnatic and Mousesports not to attend.

BLAST Marketing Manager, Nicolas Estrup, gave an interview with HLTV to shed some light on the situation. “We couldn’t depend solely on what a team’s structure is right now… the organisation behind teams weights so much and perhaps more so in a few situations, as it has been a long play.” Instead, he added, referring in relation to the above-mentioned teams and why they have not been selected.

BLAST is going to a completely new format, so previous ENCE champions are not invited.

We are obvious as teams such as ENCE will slip off after a good race and are now fighting with the foreign scene to make a difference for the top spot in the world at the beginning of 2019.

There is still hope for any team that did not do so, though, as Estrup discloses that in the future things can change.