Valve sues Dota 2 tournament oprganiser GESC for $750,000

A lawsuit filed by the game developer Valve faces the World Electronic Sports Championship (GESC). In Asia-Pacific in 2018, the organizer of the tournament held many Dota 2 kids, failed to pay for many participated. Among those who were victims are athletes, skills and several organisations, who cost a sum of approx. $750,000.

Valve took action in April of this year, according to Dot Esports. “Our arrangements with tournament organizers require prompt payment by entrants, says Doug Lombardi, Vice President, Marketing, Valve, in a statement issued to the media. This is necessary for us to excel in the long run in these activities.”

In October 2018 an open letter was written by those involved, suggesting how negotiations had not had an impact with Oskar Feng, CEO of GESC; “Some of the party demanded payment by making late payment invoices and several meetings with Mr Feng during the last six months despite persistent butt ass. In October 2018, a letter was released to the public by Mr Feng. Dexerto, who some have reported, others publicly, has been shown by numerous casters, observers and other talents that StarLadder has unreasonably prolonged payment terms.

In early December, Ukraine was still not paying for its contractors in work on the Berlin Major in August, participating in CS:GO, Dota 2 and other games including PUBG, Hearthstone and Starcraft. As StarLadder denied the allegations, more talent came to speak out against the organization. No lawsuit was filed against StarLadder at the time of writing this post.