2020’s Most Awaited Esports Events

Not only amusement or a way to make extra money, but even ten million dollars in prizes are won in the recent video gaming tournaments. A single competition can make up more than a slightly prosperous pro under extraordinary circumstances. Through 2019,’ Epic Games’ offered the Fortnite winner hundreds of millions. The luckiest professional players are not as rich or famous as the best athletes, but a professional player can become famous and rich.

Tens of thousands of people taking part in the biggest eSport competitions are competitively playing games. While some regular eSports competitions have vanished over the majority of years, some of the main annual eSports activities will be held back in 2020. There are already more eSport tournaments than ever before, as betting on sports is now increasingly popular, and this is also included in online casino ratings.

BLAST Premier 2020

Between the first two maps of the final grand BLAST Pro Moscow Tour, which revealed huge changes in the BLAST circuit for 2020, the announcement was made.

The organiser of the tournament promises more BO 3, a new format, different qualifying formats and a team’s ability to advance to the global final, which answers many of the problems the group faced this year with BLAST tournaments.

The events won’t be called BLAST Pro Series, but BLAST PREMIER. Spring and Fall are three weeks in front of the event, with 12 team, close to ESL Pro League, playing in 3 classes. Each team must take two best teams to the seasonal playoffs, with the “showdown” having two additional teams on hand.

This year there will be a prize pool of $1,375,000, plus $500,000 from the winner of the season. Therefore, the eight best teams qualify for the Global Finals, which awards $1,000,000 for the champion. The overall reward pool will be $4,250,000 in 2020.

BlizzCon 2020

BlizzCon is the most popular gaming event in the world, of course. BlizzCon gives you the opportunity to experience both live and demos of new games and live concerts at the Blizzard Games Championship. Blizzard has hosted BlizzCon nearly every year since 2005, sometimes later in the year. The attendance at BlizzCon events steadily increased by nearly 40,000 in 2018 versus 8,000 in 2005. 2020 World Cup Overwatch Emblem and World Warcraft tournament tournaments have also been used in BlizzCon’s sports events.

The International eSport Federation World Championships

Unlike most of the other eSports competitions, competing teams have their countries in mind. Established in 2008, the International Sports Federation seeks to allow countries to participate in eSports as they did at the Olympic Games. The eSports leagues league in South Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan and a number of other countries in Europe became founded throughout the late 2000s. Worlds, typically in Taiwan or South Korea, have been held every year since 2008. The World Championship matches vary from one year to another, with everybody having their first-person shooters, matches and MOBAs.

Although players play COD games for large-scale tournaments for years, the COD official league has not yet taken place. Call of Duty (COD) League The organisation plans to update this and in 2020 will take place the first formal COD championship. In the best-known, first-person shooter series, at least $6,000,000 is awarded to major players.

Twelve professional teams must complete the competition. The contest will not be one thing. It will instead fly anywhere, every team playing endlessly. The huge prize money and Activision’s willingness to host numerous events in many cities demonstrate that Activision takes eSports seriously.

FIFA eWorld Cup

Thousands of FIFA World Cup teams are almost involved. The lowest level of the game is held online, and everyone can participate. When millions of participants have been rotated out, the rest of the teams participate in a live event. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the FIFA eWorld Cup appears to be the biggest gaming tournament in the world because so many people participate in its first phase. Modern technology allows players to compete with each other even if they perform on two different handsets. The dates & locations of the 2020 finals are still uncertain.

Like traditional football, there’s expected to be plenty of FIFA betting going on at the FIFA eWorld cup 2020.

League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends will fund the next League of Legends World Championship in China in 2020. League of Legends was one of the most widely-watched games in the world with some of the best players paying just money for their games. The tendency to reach 2 million dollars in costs. 24 different teams from 14 countries will be involved with the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Qualification for the League of Legends World Championship is primarily online and begins well before the event. League of Legend has evolved well and has managed to enjoy a huge player base after all these years.

Pubg Global Championship 2020

Battlegrounds, 2nd most popular royal war game after Fortnite, also presents an annual $1,000,000 first-place event, the Pubg Global Championship 2020, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The local champions who play in the final live tournament are created by nine different regions. In several towns, PUBG tournaments take place. The live game is not limited to a final match. The final last year in Oakland, where it could be played in 2020, has still not been confirmed. It is usually not an exaggeration to say that the PUBG developed Royal Subculture.

Fortnite World Championship

The Global This is not only the Fortnite World Championship but the most famous of all professional gaming events. In 2019, more than $25 million was awarded to the finalists. The valve company organises the last annual Dota 2 competition in Shanghai. The finals are held in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Those that stream online can log in to see the action with their match customer instead of in person. Log in with all game customers will allow them to move the camera around and view any part of the game they choose in real-time. Players who watch the case will predict how the game is going with specific goals in the game. Of estimated prizes worth € 34 million, this prize money will exceed that for the 2019 Fortnite World Championships by 2020.


It’s sometimes considered the most important gaming festival in the world. DreamHack is the world largest LAN group with a Guinness record to show it, and also a professional gaming operation. It’s also a digital art festival along with competitive games. The amateur artist could be excellent places to demonstrate the basic and entertaining game they created. Those who join in the festival judge and exchange images, musical, handmade games and animated activities. It’s an opportunity to play LAN video games at the world’s fastest Internet speeds. DreamHack also presents an event in which players will currently take part in games that many businesses are creating.