PlayerUnknown’s ‘Prologue’ release date announced

Greene could quickly become recognised for another game by Brendan “PlayerUnknown.’ The new title Prologue, revealed at The Game Awards on December 12, is now being released by PlayerUnknown.

But this trailer sets the stage for an atmospheric game, we do not know much yet about Prolog. In the distance can be heard barking dogs, heavy breathing, and rain over a light woodland.

The project’s website quote states that’ Prolog is an experiment of new technologies and gaming.’ The website shows Prolog as a registered trademark of PlayerUnknown’s new firm, PUBG. “We want to make players enjoy each time they play. Although the teaser and the website don’t do a lot more than the gamers, there’s a lot of people looking forward to a new title from PlayerUnknown after PUBG was so successful.

Users do not know if Prolog can link to the new Battlegrounds series of PlayerUnknown or what “technologies” in the latest game the business is pursuing. Prolog is expected to be just that— a PUBG prologue. But a Reddit Community Moderator has twisted the perception that Prolog is a successor to the PUBG series, stating that PlayerUnknown is leaving the PUBG production to work on new game projects.

For more information, please include your email address on the project website. For more than nine months, the team worked on this title according to the email you get when you register on the website. At this time for Prolog, there is no release date.

If further material on Prolog is written this report will be revised.