Twitch being sued for $3bn over priated Premier League games

Since Rambler Group, the third-largest Internet company in Russia, has stopped pushing Twitch out of the region, Twitch is not prohibited in Russia. Rambler Group continues to sue Twitch for $3 billion over English Premier League pirated broadcasts games.

On Monday, the $3 billion complaints against Twitch was levied against Rambler Group, arguing that the streaming service was used to illegally broadcast pirated films from Premier League games about 36,000 times over the course of four months. Rambler Group claims that Twitch has breached its exclusive broadcasting rights by allowing such programmes to be broadcast on its website between August and November.

In response, Twitch has removed all the infringing content from its archives and in Russia it is no longer at risk. And according to the BBC news, Twitch sources are hopeful that as the proceedings begin, the company will not have to pay any costs.

“Negotiations are ongoing,” said Mikhail Gershkovich, Rambler Group’s sports project manager, to settle Rambler Group and Twitch.

“Our case against Twitch concerns the security of the English Premier League’s exclusive broadcasting rights and will continue to actively battle against pirated broadcasts” said Gershkovich to the Russian News Agency on Monday. “Negotiations on the signing of a settlement agreement are currently underway with Twitch.

This network gave us tools to fight with pirated broadcasts, and now we’re just talking about reimbursement for damage caused from August to November. “For the next three seasons of the premier league, Rambler has previously acquired exclusive digital distribution rights on Russian public sports channel Match TV.

Amazon, Twitch’s parent company, has secured streaming rights to certain Premier League games for 3 years earlier this year, meaning that 20 games have exclusive broadcasting rights.