‘Talented CSGO Player’ passes away aged 19

The Imperial Esports company in Brazil has reported that the bruttj Matheus Queiroz has sadly passed away aged 19. After nearly a year on Team Reapers, the 19-year-old Brazilian player joined Imperial Esports ‘ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in November. However, because of health problems, he was placed on the bench last week.

Imperial Esports announced that he had passed, but they noted that there was no known cause of death. The company said that in early December the athlete had started to have headaches. As a result, he left the São Paulo team’s playhouse and returned home in Rio de Janeiro to his family. BruttJ was being treated at a hospital in the capital at the time of his death.

The player went live at 8:00 p.m. on 7th December. He required the doctor to leave and play CSGO before 8 am. On December 8, he followed this by thanking his followers for their support This became his final tweet, with the responses paying tribute to team leaders and supporters.

Talented CSGO member BruttJ worked in teams such as SuperNova Academy, Vitória eSports, Team Reapers and eventually Imperial Esports as AWPer and Riflers. While with Team Reaper, the player has brought the team to first place at events such as Up Expo Game 2019 and the ESEA Proving Grounds 2019 in South America.

Even After bruttJ was benched, Imperial Esports had been loaned with a backup for Pereira paiN gaming member Alef “tatazin.” Teammate Dener “KHTEX” Barchfield from Imperial Esports announced on Twitter to express condolences and he still “was unable to believe it was.”