Twitch taken over by Rocket League Championship

The Rocket League is by no means one of Twitch’s best-known games. But last weekend, during the Rocket League World Championship which watched more than two million hours, it was able to reassert some control as an audience driver.

Despite the broadcast on Twitch and YouTube, Rocket League Twitch’s official coverage helped to outperform all other weekly radio channels on the platform. It even surpassed Tyler1’s TCS, which had been tracked for 1,8 million hours.

The RLCS will be available for registration on 25 March at the latest. It will be played during a span of three months in this Rocket League eSports tournament. Although we do not know yet that esports betting sites like Betway esports are going to offer lines about the event, it’s quite likely that Twitch will participate. Likewise, the agreement is expected to raise public interest in Rocket League betting.

Rocket League World Championship did not hold the same average view as Friday’s The Game Awards, but its average of 90,016 viewers was sufficient to double all networks airing programming over five hours.

During the Sunday Showdown, the show hit 206,681 audiences and was also second to the weekend’s The Game Awards. A high of 200,000 audiences has not been overshadowed by other outlets. The level rose above in June, which was at most 176,985 audiences at the previous World Championship.

The title was not yet able to break the top 10 most-watched content categories on Twitch over the past seven days, despite the success of the World Rocket League Championship as an event.

Because there are no big influencers in the game, the Rocket League has been viewed for 2,99 million hours, the 18th most highly watched video of the past week. Since Friday to Saturday during the World Championship 2.5 million hours have been recorded.