APEX LEGENDS: Peacekeeper hit with nerf

The team of Apex Legends questioned and listened to Respawn. Since Patch 3.1, the developers accidentally gave it too much energy to try to re-equalize Peacekeeper. The latest modifications shape and disperse the projectile.

The new patch reduces the EVA-8 and the Peacekeeper reach scale of the shells. “Our goal here is to make it harder to damage entirely while making sure shots are accurate,” said the developers on the patch notes.

Respawn expanded the distribution of the Peacekeeper. The designers wanted to preserve the “playmaking ability” of the gun, although they thought that it was “too effective in its scope.”

The Precision Choke will not save the peacekeeper from his equilibrium. Respawn also increased the distribution in the last hop-up rate as part of the update. In order to cause full damage, players must be nearby. The arms used to strike continuously to inflict mid-to-long destruction–a very unusual way of doing shotguns.

Advertisement Document After patch 3.1 expanded projectile size, the battle to match the peacekeeper began. The test was used to achieve positive results with the sniper Triple Take and Respawn decided to apply it to weapons and snipers. The sudden increase in the size of a bullet made it much easier to get maximum blasts from Peacekeeper, which can shoot an unshot opponent.

Respawn didn’t try to match the peacekeeper for the first time. Last month, the studio threw a tiny nerve to the arm. The shutters have raised their rechamber time by 0.1 second and their headshot multiplier from 1.5 to 1.25. The efforts are generally considered by the public to be a step in the right direction, although not enough. This mistake is being remedied by the latest changes.