Esports betting STS Bet expands throughout Europe

OG announced its first CS:GO roster yesterday, one of the most prominent companies in Dota 2.
The company spent a lot of money on at least three players: former ENCE captain, Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt and former North Star Player of two years East. Nathan “NBK-”

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The outsider Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski from Altarney aTTaX is now finishing OG’s roster, Issa “ISsa” Murad, who’s been benched since September by HellRaisers.

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For a couple of months, OG has had discussions with these teams. During the operation, Valentino “poizon” Vasilev and Elias “Jamppi” Olkken, reportedly with old VAC-bank accounts that can prevent him from playing in CS: GO majors were threatened by the org. Vasilev, who ended up with Complexity.

CS:GO represents everything we cherish about esports: it is spectacular and amazing to watch, the level of competition is unbelievable and increases every season,” OG said.

Many fans are interested to see whether Aleksib is as successful as his former team at ENCE. All eyes are on the valde too, to see whether he can play the game again like a top 20 player. In the past few months, his individual form has declined with North following his lead in the game.

OG is now the third major organisation, which has a well-known line-up in the CS: GO scene. In September, Evil Geniuses got the team from the NRG; in October, 100 Thieves picked the line-up from Renegades. The team of Swedish Veterans Patrik„ f0rest “Lindberg and Christopher” GeTRiGhT “Alesund are said to be returning Dignitas to Counter-Strike.

Regardless of whether the OG team pays off, an expectation in Dota 2 as back-to-back International Champions will be increased due to the calibre of its players and the success of the org.

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