ESL Pro League: Fnatic defeat 100 Thieves

A major team from CS:GO was knocked out of 10 season finals from the ESL Pro League. Fnatic today beat 100 Thieves 2-0 and eliminated the Australians in the quarter-finals. ESL Pro League was sponsored by Betway esports and continued to throughout the years.

With 100 Thieves out of the tournament, Australian CS:GO supporters have no home town team left to root for since the mouse sports kicked Renegades out earlier today.

Train was placed on the first map. It might have been won by 100 Thieves since they were 12-9 ahead. Nevertheless, Fnatic won nearly seven rounds in a row to retain it 16-13. Of 33 warriors, one vs-three clutch included, Robin’ flusha’ Rönnquist was in charge.

100 Thieves seemed to be shaken for Mirage, their map pick, and lost 16-5. All the Fnatic players have played well, but with 21 frags every Ludvig, “Brollan,” Brolin and Jesper, “JW.”

While 100 Thieves are the top-10 teams, their performance depends too much on them. Your star rating, Justin “jks” Savage, averaged 0.86 in 2019 after eight maps on Odense, Denmark.

This early elimination is a step backwards for 100 robbers. Each tournament has seen Australians reach playoffs as they entered the StarLadder Berlin Major semi-finals in August.

On the other hand, Fnatic looks again like a serious opponent. All their teamplay and their individual grades look to the EPL 10 season finals.

But in the quarter-finals, the Swedes will have a hard match. Tomorrow, at 9 am CT, they will either meet Team Liquid or Astralis.