T1 announces join of Overwatch Contender Korea 2020

In the coming season of the Overwatch Contenders Korea 2020, Korean T1 organisation has started recruiting players and coaches. In a post last night, the team announced its forthcoming tournament debut.

T1 will take over the current Contenders of Overwatch Team Team Philadelphia Fusion, Fusion University, in a joint venture between SK Telecom and Comcast Spectacore. Despite the fact that Comcast also owns the Fusion, tweets from former players and trainers from the Fusion Uni suggest this is not only formal but also a full reconstruction.

Despite heading to Korea in the second half of 2019, Fusion Uni was unable to replicate the popularity of its rivals in North America. The squad was very early out of the playoffs after a moderate effort in Korea. Recently the teams started picking up and sending it to the OWL for the 2020 season, leaving behind the undesirable or minor talent. For the next season, no player or coach will move from Fusion Uni to T1 so this will be a clean slate for the Comcast team to reconstruct.

T1 may offer a great deal of continuity to the Overwatch scene today as one of the most known and respected brands in all sports. For a tier two environment, it’s great news that an institution such as T1 is capable of spending its time and money on it.