Astrails eliminate Team Liquid in winning ECS finals

Today sparks erupted in the biggest of CSGO rivalry since 2018. Team Liquid and Astralis resolved the match from Europe to North America and offered a further great series for all viewers of the ECS eight-finals of the season.

Astralis defeated the liquid 2-1 and took the crown away. Three weeks ago the Danes took the time to raise IEM Beijing. They have practically ensured that they hold the number one place in HLTV’s world ranking in the CS: GO 2020 season, with its success throughout the month.

After Vertigo had been overtime the series could not have begun better. Lastly, Liquid took the 19-15 win with a T-side overtime win of all three rounds. Markovic, Keith “NAF” was unstoppable from the beginning and he ended 36 shoots.

It remained until the second half of Nuke’s tension. With their online tournament life Astralis played much better on the CT side and won nine straight rounds to win by 16-11. The Danes were led by Astralis captain Lukas “gla1ve” Rosander, with 26 kills.

Everyone should have felt that Dust II was as good as the other two games, but the first quarter saw Astralis destruction of Liquid. The Americans went on a return journey, but Nicolai’s Reedtz device who hadn’t been able to shine before took his team 16-8 and finished with 27 kills.

Not only did Astralis defeat the two best North American teams of Evil Geniuses and Liquid, but it was on U.S. soil, showing that they are willing to face anyone, no matter what the conditions were.
This win will bring Astralis $225,000, and Liquid $100,000. The two teams will be meeting again next week for the 10 finals of the ESL Pro League in Odense, Denmark.