Multiple esports teams sign new partnership deals

For several of the biggest names in the esports industry, this has been a busy week, because after negotiations between the parties a trio of organisations have signed partnership deals or sponsorships.

A new partnership was negotiated with computer hardware and peripheral Velocilinx corporation by the Detroit based esports team Renegades.

As part of this agreement, Velocilinx will become the organization’s’ official peripheral sponsor’ and will be the leading sponsor of Renegades’ main esports training facility, based in Michigan, Auburn Hills.

After a contract has already been agreed to support military veterans playing sports, Velocilinx will provide Renegades with several products from their peripheral’ Warrior’ range, built for’ sustaining competitive gaming sessions and retaining peak performance.’

As one of Renegades ‘ official alliances, Velocilinx is joined by such companies as HyperX, Champions, NVIDIA, Alienware, Twitch and Respawn. But not the only team from Michigan to strike big money transactions this week.

A new partnership agreement with the esportation and game analytics provider Newzoo was signed with the Astralis Group, which includes the renowned CS: GO team Astralis and Origen and Future FC.

In exchange, Newzoo will be presented with relevant data and additional special details from sports associations that make up the Astralis Group, to assist the main decision-making process. The agreement will be completed in Newzoo.

Jakob Lind Kristensen reported on the contract, which was signed by the CCO and the co-founder of Astralis Group:

“In Astralis Group, we strive to create a commercial offering not only driven by passion, emotion and loyalty of our fans, but also by rational data which leads to quantifiable results.

“We act not only as a means of exposure to our partners but also as trusted advisors, the unique insights and data provided by Newzoo will only make our organisation even better at what we do.”

“Needless to say, we are excited to announce our partnership wit the leading data and insights company in esports.”

This is not the only form of the deal today between Newzoo and Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas with the same mutual agreements that were revealed in August 2019.

Besides the declaration of individual contracts, tournament organisers were also busy coordinating partners.

With the aim of opening a global publicity store to the ELEAGUE, with the goal of improving publicity opportunities across the supporting framework of the Ligue of Sportgames, Anzu has announced after raising $6.5 million in its Series A fundraising round.

A series of ELEAGUE football competitions will be played in conjunction with the 2019 ELEAGUE FIFA 19 Cup and the CS: GO Invitational.

As part of the deal, Anzu must create a brand new method of ELEAGUE marketing, but it is still unclear what this is and how it is being achieved in the various titles for which ELEAGUE is playing.

The SVP at Turner Sports, ELEAGUE proprietors, Seth Ladetsky said that it was all about the deal: “ELEAGUE and Anzu’s partnership is a significant milestone in evolving esports advertising innovation. We are consistently developing new avenues to advance esports advertising and introduce partners to this passionate community. Anzu opens the door for another level of advertising impact combined with personalised content discovery.”