Will Vici Gaming make it to the finals at MDL Chengdu?

MDL Chengdu Mayor’s final stage is about to begin. Only 8 of the 16 original teams were left to prepare for the International 2020 for $850,000 and 14,000 qualification points.

The stakes are high, not only with the money but also because the top four teams will most probably be able to go to TI10, while at the end of the season 5th–6th will be given a good chance. With so many Dota 2 giants missing, it’s by far their best shot for a clear TI invite for many of these squads.

Who’s going through to the next stage – MDL Chengdu Major

  • TNC Predator
  • Vici Gaming
  • Team Liquid
  • Alliance
  • Invictus Gaming
  • beastcoast
  • Evil Geniuses
  • J.Storm

TNC Predator, Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses are among those teams considerably more powerful than all. All of them have shown that nobody could stand in the way of Hidden, OG, PSG.LGD and ex-Liquid at this competitive level. We can only differentiate from each other from their personal interactions.

A quick look at the three great favourite MDL Changdu Major events during the last 3 competition days. Take a look.

With two easy victories, and without losing a single game, TNC PREDATOR TNC has completed the group level. They performed extremely persuasively as they destroyed their rivals at high speed. It took more than 35 minutes to only one of her four players. The squad lightning easily, except for this example.

TNC played against Alliance (2–1) and J.Storm (2–0) in the Playoffs Round. The two rivals were strong teams however, although with a small margin, TNC managed to beat them still. Many of the matches lasted 45 minutes and might have gone anyway.

We predict the TNC to do well against the Vici Gaming as they reach the Upper Bracket Final and to actually win 2–1.


Though not as good as last season, Fade is still one of China’s most powerful teams when it was a leader. And their success at this tourney told us clearly why.

Vici has won Group B, Team Spirit and Alliance in two Bo3 matches throughout the group stage. In the Playoffs, Fighting PandaS were quickly defeated and Evil Geniuses played a hard match (2 –1). Overall, it’s potentially MDL Chengdu Major’s second-best team though if they succeeded, people wouldn’t really shock.


We were NA’s great hope, but the groups didn’t look perfect. In the Liquid, Aster and Adroit team, EG only came 2nd.

As for the playoffs, IG was defeated and Vici Gaming lost. The winner will face the Liquid and Alliance in their next match and it’s sure to be a challenge for them to win this match. They’re definitely going to finish 4th overall.