Rival.Ai welcomed to Wondr Gaming to enhance Esports betting offer

Wondr Gaming, a fund founded solely for the purpose of building a strong portfolio of complementary esporting assets, has purchased artificial intelligence gaming data company Rival.ai.

The acquisition of Rival.ai, the artificial intelligence esports portal, is concluded by the Rival.ai Becomes Wondr Gaming Brand Esports investment fund Wondr Gaming.

Rival.ai is aimed at providing comprehensive data on sports during live games, providing esports fans with the opportunity to deploy AI algorithms.

The Wondr Gaming Fund, created by Mike Cotton and Jon Dwyer, seeks to acquire valuable assets in the field of sports.

A Strategic Strategy for Rival.ai Rival is strategic to purchase because it helps Wondr Gaming to concentrate on betting companies, defined managers.

While financial data were not released, Rival.ai is run without internal management changes under the Wondr Gaming name.

Bryan Yale and James Mifsud will assume their respective position as Chief Operating Officer and CEO.

Esport Betting – A new age

Another lucrative market is the key source of income from sports coming from big-mark sponsorships.

One report reveals that esports betting is currently the largest and most undervalued betting market.

However, there has been no accurate survey to fully demonstrate the actual market value.

Earlier, the company was involved in a legal case that argued in favour of underage skin gambling in Valve games, like Counter-Strike and Dota 2, among other esports games–the’ skin betting market’ was in progress to reach $12 billion by 2020. Valve corp was also involved.

However, Valve had to quickly suspend all the business platforms offering such services due to its sudden legal focus on the subject.

This leads to the prohibition and mistrust of websites for skin trading. Although the accurate value of betting on a sport is not completely clear, the total export value in 2019 will be over $1 trillion, Newzoo said.

Unikrn received a licence in the USA to operate sports betting markets. The platform, which focuses exclusively on sports, is one of the so-called endemic sportsbooks. Luckbox and Rivalry esports are related sites.

In the meantime, there are companies like Pinnacle and William Hill, known as non-endemic, that offer a mix of traditional sports competitions and competitive esports games and events.