Vici Gaming eliminate group B in MDL Chengdu Major

On the first day of the Chengdu Major, Vici Gaming defeated Team Spirit and Alliance, and joined TNC Preditor, Liquid Team, and Invictus Gaming to reach the upper end of the Major.

Victoria received a night stalker, gyrocips and Earthshaker in Game One against Team Spirit to get their tournament run underway. Zeng’ Ori,’ Jiaoyang’s Gyro was invincible throughout the game, eliminating Zhou’ Yang’ Haiyang’s tension and making him run at a pace that Spirit couldn’t near.

Spirit struggled back in game two, championing an earlier than usual killing core from Chaos Knight and Tiny. It was a close battle, but Spirit avoided a late-spaced Gyrocopter and evened the series thanks to good distance and some early kills.

Unfortunately, Vici ran a Morphling for the CIS Squad and combined it for game three with Yang’s Sand King, which forced Spirit to become a strange lineup. Spirit chose to lead four Small, which was ineffective during the game.

With the 11-minute mark, Spirit was out of hand. When Vici got back from a short dip, the match spiralled in to make the Chinese team a fairly clean 2-1 win.

Vici then confronted the Alliance, which was fresh against Fnatic behind a similar win. And in Game 1, Alliance’s “Fata” drinks looked exactly like they knew how to manipulate Gyrocopter’s chart.

Alliance put Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov in Facless Void and worked with Lina two, which completely slaughtered Vicis backline, around the opposing Gyro. This combined with Neta Night Stalker “33” Shapira was sufficient in the opening minutes for slow support, ensuring alliance the 1-0 lead.

But Vici showed that they know when to take a strategy and get fresh start. Older choices were made by the team for a Naga Siren. They had a stalker night, but in late-game value, it was secondary to Siren and Xiong’s “Pyw” Rubick.

The Chinese team has locked up several early killings on Fata and Linus ‘ Limmp’ Blomdin that have severely impeded the fighting potential of the Alliance during the second game.

In Game 3 which paired the Ori Sniper with the Alliance, Vic took Game 2 and went on to secure the Night Stalker again. The Chinese team ties up in Group B for the first time and now heads into the top bracket playoffs with a 2-1 victory.