TFT Patch 9.23 ‘won’t have champiopn balance updates’

Great changes are taking place at the end of the nine ranking season. The TFT patch 9.23 contains a massive overhaul of the Summoner Rift map and changes the operation of dragons.

Nevertheless, not everything changes when the pre-season update hits live servers. According to Riot game designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, no champion will receive buffs or nerves.

“We have no major champion outliers since looking at 9.22 information that we would like to do before 9.23,” said Scruffy. “We intend to hotfix everything nuts and do a lot of follow-up in 9.24 as 9.23 is a big preseason patch.” Not even Senna the new support / marker hybrid is going to receive any balance changes. Some champions earn the patch buffs and excitement, but Senna remains the same until Patch 924 at least, according to Scruffy.

While the champions will be unaffected, several other changes will be made in the next update. The upcoming pre-season is changing 21 items, probably affecting the champions dominating the Rift.

There are also several changes in balance, including the removal of Kleptomancy. The Keystone substitution is named “Omnistone,” which frequently grants an eight-second cooldown between the use of this ability and the acquisition of a new one, to a single random keystone.

At the beginning of the pre-season, the champions remain untouched but expect to undergo an important transformation from next week.
On Wednesday November 20, Patch 9.23 hits live servers.