Head of Esports at Riot says developments in TFT will be “Casual” and “Entertainment focused”

Ever since release, Teamfight Tactics has been wildly popular, encouraging fans to establish top-level teams overthrow seven other games. Events in future sports show that Riot Games car batterers are here to stay although the spectators have been declining since the summer.

John Needham addressed TFT’s sports scene in an interview with The Shotcaller published today. Riot international director of entertainment. Although Riot plans to build a more competitive structure, TFT will stay “casual” and “based on entertainment.”

“For TFT, the rivalry is not just as intense as Rifts and the League of Legend,” said Needham. “We look at TFT more like sports from an esport point of view. You can see, while we’re in the TFT field for gaming, it’s not as decided as League of Legend… it’ll be a little more relaxed, a little more entertainment-oriented and somewhat more tournaments.

“There’s no question that the League’s competition scene is serious. In this sense, the competitions are going to take place as part of our all-star series, and next year, you will be willing to see. It was one of the growing gambits for players, coaches, packed crowds and overwhelming worldwide reach. TFT, though, will rely on attracting people, according to Needham, with more casual and informal tournaments.

For example, the Rise of Elements last month put together a community of influencers and content creators, allowing them to joke, smile and trash in the tournament. Surely it was a casual affair, but in a completely different way to its grave oldest siblings League, it proved easy to watch and entertain.

On Dec. 5, the All-Star Event starts with a league and TFT competition composed of developers of entertainment and renowned players.