Fortnite pro and Twitch streamer, Clix, suspended from Twitch

Thanks to his avoidance of a broadcast suspension yet another offence, Zayn was indefinitely banned from broadcasting on Twitch. According to the rules of the streaming giant, a player can not broadcast with someone else barred from the network.

While Clix took precautions by changing Zayn’s name, it did not seem that the streaming service was concerned enough to cancel Clix for a full week. This is the first ban strike the player must make from the board.

Clix is suspended until 18 November where the ban stands. The opportunity to watch Week 3 of the Solo Cup League, which took third place in Week two, and the first week of the Series of Fortnite Champions on November 17, is absent.

Two separate Fortnite pros have already triggered their streams for Zayn. “Khana” was also banned for the same crime for three days, although he said that while broadcasting he had muted Zayn.

The hardest punishment for Clix may be on top of Khanada’s precedent. Meanwhile, Clix vowed to combat the suspension and promised to give his fans more power than ever before.