Overwatch 2 announces additional Apex Legends features

Overwatch 2 can borrow one of the most common gameplay features of Apex Legends, however, if it does, the feature will not be pure duplication. Most particularly, director Jeff Kaplan of Overwatch 2 has revealed that the team of Blizzard are well aware and are currently investigating and playing with the famous pinging mechanism of Apex Legends. Kaplan doesn’t know, but the group is talking about doing something that is similar to the Apex Legends ‘ ping system. Whether this trial would translate to an actual game playing element in the future.

Sure, Kaplan responded, when asked about if Blizzard would add a ping-system to the series on YouTube channel Samito. “We’ve got a great lead UI programmer. We’re awesome. His name is Junho Kim and last week he spoke to me about having to do again experimentation with a ping Device, “said Kaplan.” We both liked their ping device and thought it was fantastic when the Apex Legends came out… Expect to test from us. You remember that Blizzard used to mess around by adding a pinging-esq feature to Overwatch, but they were eventually unable to render anything they thought fit the hero-shooter. That said, it seems like the group has some thoughts about how the sequel can be handled.

PS4, Xbox One, Ios, and Nintendo Switch are under development for Overwatch 2. There was no indication at the time of the release, or if a game for the next generation of consoles was expected. For more updates, gossip, leakages, press and game data, please have a look at our full coverage of the title right here.

“In Overwatch 2, players will take on the identities of the world’s heroes in competitive missions that force them to team up, power up, and fight together against an unprecedented epidemic of threats around the globe,” reads an official review of the game. “Players will also fight each other in the next iteration of competitive   Overwatch   play, that takes forth existing players’ achievements and loot collections and includes the latest complete   Overwatch   roster, a new generation of protagonists, new globally recognised maps that expand the reach of the game, a new Push map style, and more.”

Overwatch 2 release date?

There is no official Overwatch 2 release date announced by Blizzard, however, many rumors have speculated around the Bizzard community.