Razor launch partnership with FantasyEsports.gg

Gamers around the globe have been told that the gaming field of FantasyEsports.gg and Razer have joined forces to provide what seems like one of the most promising fantasy esports sites in the near term in strategic collaboration.

The network would be open to all, regardless of the country’s teams. And for more than a decade, fantasy games have been increasingly popular, particularly fantasy soccer.

The project began around the start of the 2019 LoL WC (League of Legends WC), which concludes this weekend.

Due to the creative esports competition that will be promoted on the FantasyEsport.gg website, participants will be given a chance to earn great prizes, including Razer Gold and other Razer items. All these will seem to be free to play.

It is expected that the collaboration would make fantasyEsports.gg to play fantasy leagues closer to a large number of fans. Users are invited to participate by using their Razer ID. It must also improve the experience of players and encourage interest in various competitions. A large majority of these games will be open for esports betting.

The site also supports League of Legend, Overwatch Dota 2 and CSGO is set to be released by the end of 2019. FantasyEsports.gg was first launched in 2018.

The platform offers the new scoring systems based mainly on player performance, a different playing structure and a detailed research centre. Ultimately, players can win a number of trophies from top-class gaming companies.

Razer, on the other hand, introduced Razer Gold–a brand new athlete loyalty programme. How do you choose this one? It’s simple–use Razer Gold to invest in your other software and services and to buy your game. You can get exclusive rewards, such as unprecedented discounts for various brands, steam games and Razer hardwares after earning enough Razer Gold.

Therefore, what’s SportsFantasy.gg? It’s a digital gaming site, established in 2017, where players don’t have to spend a penny if they don’t want to do a fantasy esports match. The tournaments are exceptional because of the dedication of the team and innovative measurement systems of FantasyEsports.gg. Gamers can also win fantastic competitions which include some of the world’s largest brands.

The new partner, Razer, is recognised as an industry leader in gaming hardware development. The Razer icon has become one of the most popular in competitive gaming and amongst sporting cultures.

Razer is also a big worldwide fan and assisted in the design and construction of some outstanding software and hardware. His Blade laptops and peripherals for high-performance computing have received numerous awards.

For over 70 million users worldwide, this Razer platform includes Razer Synapse, Rasser Chroma and Cortex. Razer also operates one of Southeast Asia’s biggest electronic credit schemes, Razer Gold, as well as one of Southeast Asia’s largest online digital payment networks.

The organisation has 18 branches in different countries around the globe. The company has its offices in Singapore and San Francisco and was established 14 years ago. Razer is known in the United States, China and Europe as the top gaming company.