Online sportsbook, FanDuel, to offer esports betting

We’ve been thinking about betting on esports for a while. So let’s go back to June 2018 in time. The Supreme court had just voted 7-2 to enforce the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which paved the way for state-by-state regulated sports gambling. New Jersey was already staring at the jump but found out that licenced sports games would not include sports. Now let’s go to now, where it now seems that the door to betting sports is finally opening, courtesy of FanDuel.

FanDuel is a traditional bookmaker like Betway esports or Bet365 but offers bets on esports. Whereas esports betting sites like ArcaneBet and GGBet only offer bets on esports.

Readers will identify FanDuel for their one-day football ads. You may have seen them on Television one or two hundred times. Today, the first online sportsbook to offer sports betting is history. Bets are currently open for the World Championship League of Legends with both G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix at -110.

MarketWatch anticipates that the sports betting market will rise to $8 trillion by 2025, and FanDuel plans to launch its banner in the rising sports market, which tends to attract big money shareholders.

Although FanDuel is launching the big League of Legends Championship game this weekend, the prospects for regular sports games are growing daily. FanDuel will be able to compete in the future against full-blown sports leagues such as the Overwatch League and the Duty League, as well as major championship competitions such as the forthcoming Capcom Cup and several Counter-Strike major events next year.

People now have access to FanDuel in the aforementioned New Jersey area and can place their esports bets so put your money on and try to play responsibly. In a previous report, West Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania were listed, but the representative of the FanDuel indicated that this has not been the case at this time.