League of Legends x Louis Vuitton case took over 900 hours to make

Since unveiling in-game skins and cosmetics, Vuitton has collaborated together with League of Legends WORLDS tournament to design a title trophy case that was recently unveiled.

The design and use of sophisticated hi-tech components inside the building took over 900 hours. While the WORLDS final of the League of Legends in Paris will be held until 10 November, HYPEBEAST France spoke to the Louis Vuitton design team which has developed the special trunk of the Summoner’s Cup.

Louis Vuitton: The goal was to have a trunk incorporating Louis Vuitton’s conventional know-how and modern technological elements influenced by the league of legends world

What are the visual elements, particularly for this trunk, visible or even hidden?
This excellent and exclusive trunk was designed to meet the specifications of the display waited for in the ceremony for the final League of Legends WORLDS with high-tech features, as well as with screens on each of the 5 sides of the trunk, super powerful LEDs lining each board and smoke device.

The trunk is Louis Vuitton’s emblematic skill. This is, thus, a meeting with a new type; e-sport and a legendary LV. How did you choose to merge these two worlds and had some problems in this piece?

Obviously, this meeting was held. The most prestigious world sports awards (the USA Cop, Uefa, Roland Garros…) were carried out by Louis Vuitton, also guided by his creative spirit. The development of the most famous trophy box in the eSport category therefore was very evident.

How long have you been working on this particular trunk and how many craftsmen have worked?
Two stages were performed for the construction of the trunk. A first step on technological and technical progress. A second planning stage with the conventional know-how the House perpetuates for more than 160 years. The research and design took approximately 900 hours with more than 25 researchers.