This Apex Legends bug crashes the game when you loot players

Apex Legends is still solid, and over 70 million players have jumped in at least one game in the triple royales war, although it may have slipped behind Fortnite since its impressive start in February.

It’s also the third season, and the fourth season is thrilling but some players still have issues on the map–the latest of accidents while attempting to ambush an enemy game.

Apex players are struggling to get a loot of dead enemies. Apex legends has been exposed to a number of posts that display their issues, which demonstrate that they typically run on a white screen with some black keys–with the lower-left corner box that contains an attempted message and a code string.

“There was a problem with game logic storage. Please try again. “It reads that an index 0 is larger than the width of the set, probably caused by the bug, before the paragraph about in-game coding.

Nevertheless, these issues were not limited to one or two players, as others backed their screenshots by their own posts.
“I didn’t know if it was linked every time I got the accident,” said User Underwood914, while Omenhachi said it had the crash footage if that would benefit developers of the game.

Usually, the Respawn Development Team reviews customer feedback about the game and responds periodically as to how they fix things in future patches.

As a consequence, you did not answer any of the posts posted on this problem, so it’s obvious that you know –and if it is, what you intend to do to fix it.