Ninja in Pyjamas come close to defeat in Dota Summit 11

Favourites Ninjas in Pyjamas had a rough start in the Dota Summit 11 Minor, barely making it out alive on the first day of competition.

The famous team, who are sponsored by Betway esports, are set to make a comeback soon.

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Several people had pencilled in NiP in the Winner’s Game for Group A to face Invictus Gaming, but the final minute jfshfh178 fell into the top team. The CIS team gave it all and brought out an epic upheaval with nothing to lose in the battle against certain legendary players.

Both Dager and Arora “Universe” was held without murder, as the CIS team ran over them. They were dealt with without murder. Nikita “Palantimos” of Grinkevich, Knight of the Chaos and Yaroslav “Pikachu” of Timbersaw were the main reasons for injury.

No one came back, leading NiP to slip to 0-1 following some good playing of the two Oliver “Skiter” Lepko and Nico “Gunnar” Lopez

The rocky beginning seemed not to deter ppd. He was cool and had a few support choices lined up for his team. Yet he made the single mistake that Palantimos would play Chaos Knight again, which cost his team the second game alone.

Palantimos went nuts 17/05 with a loss of 36,000 heroes and a 2-0 win over the favoured European team. NiP has kept the situation about halfway throughout the game, but Chaos Knight and other jfshfh178 players ‘ farm defence were enough to secure the victory.

Invictus washed up the match and won two players in only 16 minutes, while the games were played.

After the poor performance, ppd told his team to “wake up” and fight against the losing paiN team for their tournament lives. While it seemed straightforward for Invictus, South Americans did not fall without a fight.

In the longest game of the day, paiN rode the sniper for the entire hour by William “hFn” Medeiros, trying their best to maintain the NiP’s challenges while focusing on the creation of a second protagonist. But while hFn recorded 72,453 losses on its own, only one other member of the team exceeded 20,000 while all five NiP players met this threshold.

Both ppd and Universe had tremendous rebound games that combined 53 assists and helped Skiter and Gunnar conquer the streets when playing on hFn. NiP learned and stood by what was successful, refused to let a second hero hit enemy Sniper’s level and took up his map steadily for a 1-0 win.

NiP led early in game two, but may have exerted too much pressure once they became comfortable. Around about 18 minutes of paiN, the European backlines were broken down and several times a row ppd could be destroyed.

It did not help Gunnar, too, that his Dazzle was often not ready for in the middle of fires. Thankfully, Skiter did not allow mid-game stresses to touch him for NiP and played an outstanding Lifestealer continuously. That helped the team to get out of their break, together with the consistent performance of Malthe “Biver” Winther and a top 33 team.

The wire came down and NiP was able in the final minutes to win all of it, guaranteeing the 2-0 victory with a strong pressure result. Finally, if you meet the loser of Invictus and jfshfh 178 tomorrow at 5 pm CT, you’re going to have a more chance to get into the playoffs.