Ninja defends FaZe Jarvis as Epic Games was ‘too heavy-handed’ on ban

He is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry and now Fortnite Ninja has got into talk about the possibility of Jarvis Kaye being barred from Fortnite.

The FaZe Jarvis, Jarvis is the one who streams a video of him to his two million YouTube subscribers, using “aimbots,” a technique that is banned on Fortnite.

The development company of Fortnite, Epic Games, suspended Jarvis from the game immediately and sparked a fierce debate on whether hacking would lead to a permanent ban.

Now, Ninja has leapt to Jarvis’ defence, claiming that Epic Games’ punishment was ‘too heavy-handed.’   He said: “He’s still super young, so I think he’s just a stupid kid making a stupid decision and didn’t really think about it.

“It wasn’t a tournament, wasn’t a Cash Cup, it should be maybe a six-month ban from competitive. But it’s permanent?”Jarvis has more than two million YouTube subscribers, who agree to watch the kids play Fortnite daily.

Ninja believes that the great follow-up should not permanently ban him from Epic Games.
He added: “There is a negative impact on your game without your content creators.
“I agree (what he did) was unbelievably dumb, but the permanent ban is just dumb. What else will he play? What else?

Ninja also drew comparisons with Youtuber Logan Paul, who last year drew controversial points out of a video showing dead bodies in Japan’s’ Suidcide Forest.’ “He had to move from one of his favourite games to a new one which made him skilful as much as career-wise, now he had to play another game.”

He said, “Everyone hanging in the woods was actually shot by Logan Paul and his stream was no prohibition, he’s perfectly good.

“He was a major YouTuber in that context, and he was not expelled. Ninja also related YouTuber Logan Paul, who last year attracted criticism for point g a footage documenting killings of bodies in the’ Suidcide Woods’ of Japan. Twitter was the only person to know if he had been barred.

He added: “Logan Paul literally filmed someone hanging in a forest and his channel didn’t get banned and he’s been perfectly fine.

“He was a major YouTuber, in that sense, and he wasn’t expelled. YouTube agreed he was strong enough not to be banned.