AI-powered PandaScore announces new betting odds prediction

The release of their Esports Odds product for bookies worldwide was officially announced by PandaScore this week.

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The AI-powered software is already being spread across the world, already used by elite esports teams, media companies and some select bookmakers.

PandaScore is now offering a special approach for bookmakers with its solid foundation and reputation of sports knowledge. With a focus on real market data, bookmakers will eventually be able to deliver a live betting experience that sports fans expect.

Thanks to recent developments in the AI data collection and odds prediction system of PandaScore, it is now reasonably easy to offer live betting. This development would potentially exceed 100s of data points per second, sustaining trade closures at a minimum and the market offers by more than 500%.

Sports betting lovers and fans alike have a strong demand of live performance. The wagering experience is currently catching up with so much investment in streaming platforms and productions.

“Sports are the next major entertainment trend. We think it’s already big gambling but most bookmakers don’t, “said PandaScore CEO Flavien Guillocheau. “We’re here to make a world-class offer easy on the first day. They need to partner with sport experts who know the rivalry, information and chances if you want to reach out to fans of the sports. Today, most sports chances providers use manual data collection and trading methods, which means that in-play betting on sports is either inconsistent, unavailable or is subject to enormous downtime.

How often have you tried to place a bet for a CS: GO Match Winner, only to see the market close when you’re about to make it open 10 seconds later. It’s a very frustrating experience to wash and do it.

The patented AI gathers and converts the data from video sources in a split second. The approach combines technology with the monitoring and automation of regulations by an expert sports trading team.

The League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League are now on the market, and 2-3 additional esports will be released in the coming months.