New duo mode for Apex Legends launched today

Finally, Apex Legends gets a duo-mode— allowing you to immerse yourself in play with a single partner, instead of a trio-but only for some time. On 5 November, the final day of Apex Legends ‘ Fight or Fright event, Respawn revealed that duo mode is added to the Battle royal game.

The mode is only for a limited period of time accessible, but Respawn did not say when it is disabled. Likewise, in August, Apex Legends launched a highly sought-after multiplayer mode.

Apex Legends focuses on teamwork and communication, but with the success of Solos, the developer has been more willing to connect and provide experiences if only in a limited time because of their success, and because of the current Halloween theme of the Shadowfall mode.

You just have a couple of days left to try Shadowfall if you haven’t already, as Duos will launch on November 5.