Here’s everything we know on the Overwatch release date and more

The Overwatch team brought it to the next level as one of the big revelations at this year’s BlizzCon. Overwatch 2, as a kind of homage to the original team-based game, is now on the horizon. Those who read this may wonder what “kind of” entails. Shacknews is here to talk about all we know so far about Overwatch 2.

In Overwatch 2, what’s new?

A fully-fledged storey mode is the key new feature in Overwatch 2. The Zero Hour trailer showed a world in which Overwatch reappeared as the heroic team, which once protected the world. So they came together in time, as a powerful organisation named the Null Sector appears to be endangering the earth.

The storey provides the background for Overwatch’s first full-blown multiplayer foray. In various events from the first game, there have been teas, but this looks like an entire campaign for up to four players. Players are banding together and fighting various enemies controlled by CPU and gathering different items to support them. Heroes will also level up with the storey and gain different abilities, skills and enhancements. Read on our hands-on preview during the entire weekend if you want an idea about how a PvE mission will look.

There are four different characters trapped in each plot quest. Hero Missions meanwhile are co-op missions open to all characters of Overwatch. Hero quests are a means for heroes to be levelled up.
A new game mode called Push is launched from the PvP side of the equation. Any squad will have a giant robot that they will direct to an objective point instead of following a shipment. All push maps will be symmetrical, with the winning team determining who can quickly push their robot to their target. There’s a time limit in place, so the team which is the farthest out is considered to be the champions if this ends.

For Push and beyond, new maps are promised. Toronto is an example of how the real-world Canadian metropolis is adapted, which Blizzard says. That is why Overwatch 2 means what for existing overwatch players? This raises the question.

There’s good news for you if you’re only a fan for Overwatch PvP. Blizzard promises to make all Multiplayer Starcraft 2 patches only available to Overwatch players. This includes maps and new heroes such as Storm Rising. Overwatch players are also able to play games for a united community with Overwatch 2 players.

Those who worry about your skins, rewards and progress from the first game won’t have to worry. Everything from Overwatch will be transferred to Overwatch 2, no matter when the players decide to upgrade. It implies PvE, PUSH mode and improved graphics are the main differences between the two players.

Overwatch 2 release date

The release date for Overwatch 2 was surprising. However, one update is posted during the weekend from the preview. We originally said the game would come with the Nintendo Switch version on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One without word. In reality, however, a Nintendo Switch version is verified by Blizzard’s press release. See for Overwatch 2 when it’s ready to hit all four platforms. For further updates, we will keep an eye on the Overwatch 2 website.