Fortnite’s Tfue scores overpowered play with Fishing rod

Fishing rods were introduced during the first season of Fortnite Chapter Two that allows players to fish for loot on land and on the sea. And famous streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney showed how competitive this product can be.

On Nov 3 Tfue played with his team from Dennis “cloakzy” Lepore, Kanada and Alex “Liquid Fiber” Bonetello in the Fortnite Champions Series when he introduced a new Fishing Rod strategy.

While Tfue would practically fish the loot out of the ground to help re-fill his squad, his team members set cover fire to the enemy and demolished defensive structures.

Casting a fishing rod into a body of water can lead to theft from guns to rare weapons. It gives players another way of finding loot instead of searching for chests or simply picking items off the ground. Nonetheless, recently, Epic implemented a modification that allows players to throw the Fishing Rod on the ground to take prizes.

The first time that Tfue saw the loot he shared with his teammates with a lot of materials.

Tfue has retreated into another game in which he could pick up a rare submachine gun and Rocket Launcher, which were in the storm.

It is not clear whether Epic was aware of this situation, but Tfue took the tactic quickly when he was added that he could fish loots from the ground.

It is a valuable advantage to pick up loot from the storm without injury, particularly if a member of a team is small with material or ammo.