Epic Games removes Jarvis from Fortnite ‘for using aimbot’

Even the pros are not immune from being forbidden from cheating. After using a target bot in the game solos and playground modes Epic Games officially disqualified Jarvis Kaye’s Faze Clan from playing Fortnite.

The FaZe player posted multiple videos to his YouTube channel to play the royal fight using an aimbot software. All these were done on an alternate account with Jarvis, but that did not help him get hit by the prohibition hammer.

Jarvis explained in a video called’ I was suspended from Fortnite ‘ that for what he did he could never even imagine a ban was possible.

Jarvis said: “I’m not sure how many of you know this, but in fact, I was banned for life on Fortnite. “With aimbot in solos and playground mode, I recently posted some videos of myself. Everything I thought about while making these videos is how funny and interesting these videos are. Since Jarvis used the targetbots in the solo queue and used it against other players in a live scenario, it violated the terms of service of Epic Games and resulted in a permanent. I thought I could not be banned for life by Fortnite. He has been coming out since the ban and has claimed that he will be responsible for his actions, but that he “would have known how grave the consequences were,” so he could not have done them entirely.

The whole Fortnite community appears to be on both sides of the matter, since it has influenced the experiences of other players using external methods to trick content. Many argue that his first offence does not warrant a permanent ban, while others refer to the video only as evidence.

The biggest shock is that another professional athlete, Damion “XXiF,” has given out this cruel penalty to Jarvis. Just two weeks after an investigation by the company found out that he was murdering peasants, was forbidden. This led to the termination of its 14-day suspension from the playoffs and the Fortnite World Cup, but at the same time still could play in the Duos Playoffs.