Driving racers may be identified by their mobile game skills

A leader in the esports industry states that mobile gaming requires a similar ability to ride a car and is key in determining talented drivers from all over the world.

One of the leading figures in the sports industry suggests that the next top driver could also be found by mobile gaming rather than Formula Ford.

Darren Cox, who created World’s Fastest Gamer competition for mobile esports games, says the competencies needed to excel in mobile telephone game competition are similar to those of a fast driver who couldn’t dream of funding a single-seater season.

Cox spoke ahead of the World’s Fastest Gamer 2 finals which guaranteed the winner a $1 million race agreement.

Contestants have qualified for several game competitions and have since been tested on tracks that include stock cars and supercars in Southern California at Laguna Seca and Willow Springs. The winner is almost always racing, but in the conditions which are more familiar to the inexperienced competitors.

“The winner is expected to be running three or four times before the end of the year,” said Cox.

“Some of these guys have never sat in a racing car before but after ten laps, they are not far off what a good young amateur driver would be doing.” When Jann Mardenborough won GT Academy in 2011, Cox was involved in the first major amateur racing competition. His career in the Japanese Super GT Championship, supported by Gran Turismo and Nissan, continues to this day.

In his dormer with a console, steering wheel and pedal kit, Mardenborough began running. But competitions are now opening up to mobile gamers, whose skills on the touchscreen are seen as a gateway to the real world.

Riley Gerster, a qualified mobile racing game at the Gear. The club, was among the finalists at this year’s World’s Fastest Gamer 2.

“The coordination of hand to hand, engine competencies and problem-solving competencies can be transferred to the street,” Cox says. “They know how to stop, take a turn and speed up on-road, too. If you have ever had a corporate day, you will realise that it isn’t a skill that many people have. “After Gerster was eliminated during the final eight, he won’t be the World’s Fastest Gamer this year. His strong performance will be considered, however, as a way to discover new artists that couldn’t have any other route to the costly world of racing.

“The F1 grid still needs to be looked at. “Mobile gaming truly open up boundaries.” Top gamers can build a successful and lucrative digital career thanks to competition, including Formula 1’s esports series, as well as to the successful and profit-making of a digital career. There is almost no one who has no EU passport, “Cox said.” Mobile gaming really does open the borders.