Apex Legends hits 70million player milestone

EA enjoyed a good time with the amazing release of Apex Legends earlier this year— but when you join it with other achievements, you have “an outstanding second quarter” of FIFA Ultimate Team, Madden Ultimate Team and Sims four.

Since its release earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced that 70 million players have been put in the Apex Legends network and that the new partnership between EA and Valve will be preceded by the announcement of Apex legends.

This will open the game to millions of others and make it a lot easier for those (like me) who use only the origin for the Apex Legends. This will make the game a lot easier. Apex Legends is a free-to-play title that sends its user base through the roof, but Respawn Entertainment creator has done a good job to keep the game going. The new third season brings Apex Legends to a new map, making a complete improvement in the game.