Outlanders Update developer confirm latest to be following Chengdu Major

One developer from Valve, c5-0 dev, confirmed on Reddit that the content update for Outlanders will be live after the Chengdu Major MDL. The Special begins on the 24th of November.

Once the community’s umpteenth complaint about a lack of communication was issued, Valve finally established a timeline for this patch— not via an official channel.

Cameron dev explained that the Dota 2 developers “explicitly avoid dates of a radio broadcast,” so as to allow the smoothness and room for further tweaks behind the stage.
Valve has created some of the finest games and sports in several categories. Valve is a popular gaming company. Nevertheless, communication was ever the strong response of the developer and most people in Dota 2 have either resigned to their destiny and been silently outraged.
But seeing Underlords cousins player receive regular flame alerts for Dota 2 fans over a week. Since at The International 2019 Valve has released two heroes and promised to patch them in the fall, the company has kept up with certain release times.

It verified that the post-TI update will only be arrived after the first major tournament of the next season in the fourth consecutive year. As the initial Major begins later than usual, 7.22 is one of the longest recorded numbers of patches, possibly for over 6 months.

Players might have a few of weeks to wait for the major update, but fans of sports should look forward to the DPC season 2019-20, beginning at the 11th Summit of the Minor Dota, from 7 November and then at the Chengdu Major on 16 November.