Here’s everything we have on Apex’s Revenant

In the third season, Apex Legends fans settled down, but many players are already starting to look into next features of the battle against Royals. And with the official revelation of Revenant for the Fight or Fright Collection event, many questions whether it could be the next playful character of that frightening robot–but who’s that legend anyway?

The first confirmed dream of Revenant by players was introduced this month with a Halloween Battle and Fright Set game. Using a Wraith gateway in an alternate dimension, he appeared in the case teaser. He stood at a building and invited the re-legend to participate in”[ his] games”— the shadow fall, which is the Apex’s new, time-limited mode, in which players are known as” zombies.

Revenant was first discovered by data miners in August just after the unveiling of the Iron Crown Collection case. New files with a brief character description and a number of features have been modified. The passive strength, which is called Infiltrator, is shares between shapes and allows him to walk faster as he reaches and climbs up walls. He is described as having two shapes: “normal standing” and “shake standing.” And he has two strategic skills in his standard position — one is shot by a poison dagger which reveals where he needs to go, the other is fired a poison bomb that hurts or slows down any target struck in a small target area.

The ultimate skill of Revenant’s Regular Position is called Death Reminder in the files and represented as a totem that the legend can fall into an area to protect users from death. Those killed or killed will have 20 healthy totem returned.

Shadow Stance helps Revenant to run quietly and rapidly for six seconds and redefines the cooldowns of kills in its first tactical ability, called Shadow Walk. His second strategy is the Shadow Move, and a Shadow Revenant can be sent to the real Revenant.

The documents describe the shadow of Revenant as essentially a five-second door through walls. This could be where Revenant will change shape when Respawn works with the duality of the character–although the designer could agree that before the introduction of the Revenant kit the character is overtone and revamped in a single form.

Check out the Halloween game might have given fans an overview of the character, but it could not show when Revenant would be able to join live servers. Given the recent release schedule for the game, though, fans can expect characters every 3 to 4 months. It pushes the enigmatic storey on robotics closer to the start of 2020.