When does Dota 2 version 7.23 release?

Dota 2 players asked if for several months now the next new patch will go, since they have been playing a 7.22 edition since May. The 7.23 update is under way and will probably be able to bring a lot of substantial meta improvement, some more game updates and some additional content to please the player’s base. But exactly when will this patch fall?

Three to 20 minor client updates can be available anywhere, but dates have meaning when it comes to a major patch. Based on the past releases of each major, numbered Dota 2 update over the last year, it will likely be live before Nov. 28 for both Patch 7.23 and Outlanders updates. It would be under a week after the MDL Chengdu Major has finished, and a couple of days after a case, Valve would like to drop down news.

The Dota 11 Minor Summit will begin within less than two weeks of the first Dota Pro Circuit meeting, and that means the latest patch will take place at least at the end of this tournament on 10 November. Simply put, Valve does not like to patch big tournaments and change the very basic aspects of the game because that radically changes the way teams play.

Moreover, the Dota Summit 11 is just five days apart with MDL Chengdu, so that the exclusion of 7.23 is removed at the end of a month.

Valve had plenty of time last season to make a smaller spot between a minor and major case, provided that the days were spread several weeks apart. This limits updates between large events other than those small fixes.

This update would likely include the Outlanders Patch (Snapfire and Vide Spirit), which means that two new heroes will enter the player. That was a lot to do at the end of the competitive season in a character-centred game such as Dota. It makes a lot of sense to make time just after the first major.