Worlds 2019 most watched League of Legends World Championships of all time

The World League of Legends 2019 shattered the milestones of the viewers of its contemporaries, becoming the worlds most experienced in history. The 2019 Worlds reached the top of 2.5 M in the match between the SK Telecom T1 and Splyce during the second day of the quarterfinals according to the Esports Charts. During the match

The new record had to be released. Worlds 2019 has already reached the second-highest world in history in 2018, the 2.05 M record, hitting 2.044 M during the battle between SKT and Royal Never Give Up. The best-of-5 playoffs were therefore expected to increase the numbers.

Nonetheless, not so much attention was paid to the first day of the quarter-finals but to huge multitudes the big storeys of the second day. The second most-watched game of the tournament was G2 Esports, vs DAMWON Gaming, which finished in the g2, which had 2.12M. The game before it, though, hit north of 2.5 M between SKT and Splyce, with fans flocking to see if the third seed in LEC will be the most controversy in LoL history.

Although Splyce lost 1-3, his series performance was more than exciting. The “snakes” not only valiantly defied SKT in their lost games but also played a game from the Koreans, that undoubtedly gained huge audiences.

Worlds 2019 offers more exciting storeys in front of the semifinals which will drive much higher the viewing level. Although it could not be that fascinating for Western public to see the all-Chinese semifinal from Invictus Gaming to FunPlus Phoenix, the MSI rejoining from SKT to G2 is definitely.

There will be a large number of games for fans of League of legends in the next few weeks with several more games taking place in China, South East Asia and around the globe as part of the International series (in Japan, Brazil and Turkey) so be sure to check the eSports wagering odds on your favourite esports betting sites.