League of Legends skins being designed by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton (165-year-old French Fashionshouse) has formally collaborated with the game pioneers, Riot Games, in creating the “unprecedented one-of-a-kind travel bag” for the Summoner’s Cop, which is the award for the champions of the World Championship of League of Legend. In the media, Riot revealed that the circuit will have’ a conventional Louis-Vuittons know-how and cutting-edge, high-tech elements inspired by the legends universe.’

The real world-class Summoner’s Cup is one of the most famous Trophies in sports, along with modern chic champions and real-life accessories, and will be housed in a Vuitton-style travel suitcase that offers an excellent opportunity. Just last year, two mischievous men watched the FIFA World Cup in an LV event. The features of “high technology” will be shown prior to the next World Championship in November.

The very particular aspect-a travel case for the Summoner’s Cup, which simply as well as metaphorically was one of the largest cups of the world-is actually known to the brand, because it has already created special travel cases for the FIFA World Cup, the US cup, the Rugby World Cup, just by name. The product is also renowned for its unusual and unexpected features. It seems almost normal with this in mind.

“We are proud to have Louis Vuitton as our official partners to impact our most influential League of Legends competition look, sound and reputation,” said Naz Aletaha, the Riot head of global sportive collaborations. The two sides want to ensure a relationship which draws all our respective fans, “Naz Aletaha said and went on,” Esports is the next frontier for many brands who are in the traditional sports arena.” “It is now a groundbreaking alliance that speaks for the effect Riot Games and the League of the Legends have on this industry over the last nine seasons.

The relationship leads up to the World Championship League of Legends in Europe, which begins in Berlin on 2 October and concludes on 10 November with a case and cup in Paris.

Traditional sports leaders and executives have invested heavily in athletics for several years now. Sports retailers like Nike have partnered up to make uniforms for games and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins from Fortnite revealed that the deal with Adidas will be in place earlier this year.

We don’t know how those models will feel, unfortunately, but two main components will be there. First of all, Louis Vuitton must create a case for the Summoner’s Cup, the trophy awarded every year to the team that, as has previously already been mentioned, wins the Legends World Championship.

In addition, the press release notes that players can expect “the one single skin of their champions and a collection of capsules designed by the Women’s Artistic Director, Nicolas Ghesquière, together with other digital assets of the League of Legends.” While there is no saying what champions would receive these skins or what their price range would be, we can imagine a lot detailed and wanted

Nonetheless, there is still a question of whether this means Louis Vuitton can design clothes or physical goods for fans of League of Legends, but if so, probably the best way is to save your hard-earned money sooner rather than later.