Call of Duty Modern Warfare Guide to Quickscope – How to quickscope

Quickscope assassination is one of Call of Duty’s most rewarding features.

There are several ways to get around those players who really want to be an assassin and improve their chances of the second biggest kind of killing behind the famous no-scope.

Find the right gun to Quickscope

The first move in developing accelerated range is to find the right sniper. Obviously, any tool can work, but some might feel better or simply better objectively than some other choices.

The two sniper favourites AX-50 and Dragunov are currently being promoted as the early favourites. Without restricting mobility or feeling strong, they have good actions. Targeted at the range is sadly anxiously slow compared to some other games, so it could feel a little leniency as you adapt even with the quicker weapon.

Some players tend to like the AX-50’s damage and movement and with some of the modifications available early on, you can easily take away lot of bad features.

Finding the appropriate attachments

When you find the weapon that looked the strongest or the best results in your games, it’s time to make the same experiment with your attachment library to improve your output. This is how you can completely adjust your sniper to the performance you need.

The best play is to make sure the movement is not obstructed and to encourage things with which you usually fail, such as recoil or the entire control experience.

If you choose AX-50, the AX-50 will usually be the brake or compensator better for the gun, but it adds time to your ADS (down / view speed) even though it offers stabilisation. When you opt for accessories, take account of the drawbacks only as often as you do the benefits, as you could potentially expense money.

Practising is key

The reality is that without training there is no quick way to improve rapid scoping. Attachments and a good weapon are just a couple of ways to get you in the right way, but there is no quick fix.

If you really want to improve your skills, test them and win plays. You will almost certainly fail decades and feel horrible when you try to get murder and are killed by the lack of your mark, but that’s part of the journey.

Once you have this first pass range, it’s smoother and you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. Spend time in matches to conquer, go to the lateral modes and play on bots or mates too, the more you do it the better.