Overwatch 2 release date announced

Big news from Rod “Slasher” Breslau to ESPN, today, has come out to Blizzard and Overwatch fans that Overwatch 2, the BlizzCon 2019 will announce.

According to the article, the new game contains “a theme, new game modes, maps, heroes and PvE apps.”

It followed a recent Kotaku article that first reported that an Overwatch player in the PvE genre was at play. The ESPN report is now backed by a Blizzcon source and document.

The logo is a simple change and is put on the side of the original Overwatch franchise logo with an orange “2.”

As far as PvE is concerned, the addition of hero talents and in-game items will give the game. as more depth to change the focus. As is necessary.

In turn, Overwatch can see for the first time since its introduction in 2015 a new game mode in the mix. According to the paper, the mode called “Move” is used in the ranks attack, command, escort and Hybrid.

This weekend is also supposed to be the next hero to enter the game. Echo, who made her first appearance at the BlizzCon last year, is expected to be playable.

Sections of Overwatch 2 are expected to be available at BlizzCon this weekend.

Will Overwatch 2 be available on Mobile / IOS and Android?

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement of Overwatch 2 featuring on mobile devices yet, however, this is rumoured to be announced on Blizzcon 2019